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What Is Tree Stump Grinding?

When you have a tree removed from your yard, there is often an unsightly stump that is left behind. Grinding is an effective way to remove an unwanted tree stump from a property. A stump grinder is a specialized piece of machinery that is normally powered by a gasoline engine. This machine also has a hydraulic arm attached to it, as well as a very sharp, steel cutting blade. This blade spins at a very high rate of speed, which allows it to cut into the stump.

What Is The Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

Another way to get rid of an old tree stump in your yard is the process of stump removal. This procedure involves digging the stump out of the ground with shovels and other assorted tools. While stump removal is an option for homeowners, it can take a long time and is a very physically demanding job. Depending upon how far a tree’s roots are in the ground, a very large hole can result. The hole will have to be filled in after the stump removal.

Is Stump Grinding A Better Method Than Stump Removal?

Most professionals will tell you that tree stump grinding is a much better alternative to physical removal. Stump grinding also prevents insects, such as ants, bees, snakes, and termites from building a nest in the remaining tree trunk. Grinding also has much less of an impact on a yard’s overall landscaping design.

Should You Hire A Professional Tree Service To Perform Stump Grinding Services?stump grinding machine

Some homeowners have tackled the job of stump grinding themselves, but the task comes with some significant challenges and safety concerns. First, you will have to borrow or look into renting a stump grinder machine. These machines are usually quite large and unwieldy. The cutting blade spins at a very high rate and could be incredibly dangerous. It is best to leave the job of stump grinding to qualified professionals.

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